The Smart Path to Digestive Balance.


Reimagine Your Digestive Health: Discover the Power of Personalized Insights and Seamless Daily Tracking with DigestEase, Your Ally in Wellness.

Food Diary

Go beyond simple meal tracking with our Food Diary. Detail your daily intake and spot patterns that may influence your IBS. It is more than just a log; it is the first step to uncovering what fuels your body right.

Bowel Movement Tracker

Our discreet Bowel Movement Tracker offers a clear view of your digestive trends. With just a few taps, you can record consistency and frequency, paving the way for meaningful health conversations and personal insights.

Personalized AI Analysis

Leverage the wisdom of our Personalized AI Analysis to turn your health data into action. Our AI sifts through your logs, offering customized advice and identifying changes that could make a big difference to your digestive comfort.

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Behind DigestEase

Founded by Bella, who has navigated the IBS journey herself, DigestEase is more than just an app—it is a community. We are committed to making the management of IBS as effortless and insightful as possible, giving you back the time and freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.